Sunday, November 6, 2016


These are cool.  Inspired by my beloved beaches, these pendants make a statement - most are about 5 cm long and I really love them.  Even got to play chemist while mixing up the jewelry resin to set items in the bezels.  They will be at the craft fairs this season and I hope folks love them as much as I do!

2016 Upcoming Craft Fairs

You can find my creations at the following craft fairs this holiday season:

Goward House Craft Fair
Goward House Activity Centre: 2495 Arbutus Road
Nov 19-20

Esquimalt Arts & Crafts Club Naturally Christmas
Esquimalt Recreation Centre: 527 Fraser Street
Nov 26

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Through Lens and Brush - Artist Reception

Well after a busy few months and 2 years of preparation, it's up.  Mom and I are showing in our fourth joint show at Goward House.

The reception was held Nov 9 from 1-3 and many friends came by to have a look, have a nibble and visit.  I hope you are able to drop by at some point in November to see the work - mom's impressions of Scotland are especially strong.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Colours of Summer - an artist's reception

A new venture - not just hanging my stuff on lovely walls but picking other people's art to hang as well.

I will be curating the wall art at the new Kitchens of Distinction Boutique Bistro - a new culinary adventure taken by local chef Shirley Lang.  Located at 638 Fisgard Street next to the traditional Chinese school in Chinatown between Government and Douglas - this is an amazing place to sneak away for a lunch you won't forget.

Please join us for the grand opening of the bistro and an artist reception of the first featured artist - me.  In November look for the talented Laura Eagle's work to be displayed and in December lovely Diane Adolph.

If you are interested in showing in this lovely space - please check out our facebook page:   and let's talk!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The family tree challenge

I find myself ruminating on a lot of discussion about acknowledging our teachers lately. It could be the Jamilia workshop I took a few weeks back - just a taste of it with Christy - so many familiar things to ATS - the evolution is RIGHT THERE. Workshops with Jill and Rachel who have each independently talked about their own progression as dancers and their family trees - acknowledging their influences and teachers, where they've come from and where their teachers have come from.

the coolest thing about dance? it is an evolution. you go to various workshops and you see things - familiar things - maybe taught as a variation or with different terminology but it comes from somewhere - it has evolved down from dancer to dancer - surely you've noticed.
an ever changing progression of moves, stylization, terminology, costuming. for me and tribal - from Jamila's studies of Arabic dancers to her own development & teachings to Suhalia to Masha, Carolena & Kajira, Mardi - to the dancers I've directly trained with from Mira to Jill to Ange to Colette to Faith and Sam, Candace and Rachel - the list could go on and on.... we do ourselves and the dance form a huge disservice not to acknowledge our family tree and the tree of the dance we study. Have you traced out _your_ family tree of dance? could you or do you stop somewhere along the way without knowing where that teacher comes from and her or his background and teaching?
yes - we can specalize.  we can be pure traditional ATS or a rocker punk goth fusion or something inbetween with more oriental and arabic influences....  you can shimmy it in whatever style you wish.  but make it yours and know where style(s) come from.  and acknowledge them - don't say all those moves are yours alone.  you bet - some might be and that is SO COOL! but many will have evolved or have been learned from somewhere.  who?  who did they learn from?  do you know?

it is a challenge I give you and myself for the fall - to trace your dance family tree - to know where you come from so you can be part of where we're going in an enlightened, acknowledging and thankful way.  acknowledge your teachers.  and you may not have to name them all, but acknowledge and be grateful for their teachers and their teachers before them.  we come from an incredibly richly woven tapestry in North American bellydance.  It's so good to see it finally being publicly talked about.

knowing I could keep going on this topic for a very long time, I will dream that when I wake up I will have tickets to see the Jamila show later this month.... they'll be propped up next to the coffee pot - okay?
I leave you with the words I have written down to always MC for Mira Betz... she is ...  a dancer.